Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Creating a Unit and Assessing Performance Assignment

Creating a Unit and Assessing Performance - Assignment Example This paper will focus on Social studies of Second Graders in Schools in Florida. Social Studies Skills and Concepts Matrix is structured in a manner to help the classroom teacher to assess the essential skills and perceptions of the students throughout the pre K 12 education. This curriculum is clearly constructed so that teachers can understand the introduction, development, mastery and the reinforcement of social studies and language Arts skills in order to ease the planning process. This also facilitates that there is uniform acquisition of these concepts and skills by the students across Florida. The social studies skills and concept matrix has four categories research skills, civil awareness concepts, geographical skills and concepts and social studies skills. The specific skills have been listed for each grade level. The introduction bench mark signifies the corresponding social studies with each skill that is introduced. The social studies skills should be evaluate using other core subjects to determine the overall Performance of the subject. To do this a year table that has been split between every nine weeks of teaching will be effective. It will be categorized with other subjects like language arts, Math, Reading and science. There is a lot of information in Social Studies that the second grade students of the state of Florida can obtain from the pacing guide if properly followed by the teacher. By the first nine weeks, a second grader studying Social Studies should know the responsibilities of a Citizenship, construction and use of simple maps and globes. The second nine weeks should teach on the contributions of American Indians and describing regions, communities and environment. By the third nine weeks the student should know the famous Americans and their contributions. The fourth nine weeks will let them understand barter trade system and holocaust. For ever set of nine weeks the student finishes there are special factors

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