Thursday, February 27, 2020

China's Military Rise over the Long Term Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

China's Military Rise over the Long Term - Essay Example As a result of this modernization, many countries and leaders have promulgated their views, which express their opinions on such policies. Most countries argue that it has become hard to deny that, over the last two decades, tremendous economic growth has allowed China to involve itself in robust military modernization (Fisher 88). Nature of China’s Military Rise China’s economic growth has led to robust modernization of its military. Experts argue that the defense budget in China ranges over two percent of the entire country’s GDP. Through this rapid increase in its military, China has become a potential threat to regional as well as international peace and security. The chief focus of most countries in regard to the rising China’s military lies in two main developments of the military. These two developments in the military include increasing rapid growth in the military budget allocation and developments of nuclear arsenal (Kondapalli 29). The allocatio n of finances to the military department has risen; this has led to the growth in the military. The defense budget increases annually with approximately 12%, which has made China emerge as a massive military spender in the entire world. China has not given up investing with its military and has ensured the growth through constant increase in the amount allocated to the department. This is evident through China’s modernization of its air and naval forces and its nuclear and missile forces. The increasing use of finances to modernize its military has tremendously improved the military; this has made China rank top in the world since it has the largest army (Shambaugh 67). In terms of military strength, China ranks second in the entire world. The country has also improved its military through the acquisition of modern and advanced nuclear weapons. China’s Military Rise and its Impacts on Asia The military build up in China has caused an alarm to its neighbors in Asia. The Asian countries fear that the build up of military by China might draw to its sphere of influence. As a result of China’s military rise, countries in Asia have decided to spend more in their defense budget than they used to spend. Among the countries that have increased their military spending include South Korea, Japan and India. These countries have tried to modernize their military in order to reach that of China (Kondapalli 77). China has influenced these countries to acquire modern military equipments in fear that China might have a hidden plan of attacking them. Building up of China’s military has increased the military strength of Asia. The military of Asia was not regarded strong in the last two decades, but due to the increasing rise of China’s military, some Asian countries have strengthened the continent’s military. This has led to overall improvement in the strength of the Asian military. The increase in strength of the Asian military has mad e the international community view Asia as a security threat to the entire international community; however, this may not be the case (Fisher 89). Although the strengthening of China’s military has been viewed as frightening to the Asian countries, the build up of China’s military must not be carried with hysteria since China is less formidable to its neighbors. This is because China’s army has less than 30 years combat experience. Impact of

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